Individual Testimonials
  • Angela A.
    "Very detailed and flexible, it didn't even feel like I was on a diet. I had fun while losing weight and getting fitter while my partner reached his goal of getting bigger and gained more muscle. we're glad we found someone to monitor us closely and give us the confidence and the push we need to hit our goals. highly recommended!!"
  • Utku K.
    "I couldn’t believe how easy Pete made it to lose weight. Pete worked with my existing eating habits, tweaked them a little bit, and had me on my way. I wasn’t expecting to lose any weight, but after only one week I was pleasantly surprised to have lost 3 pounds! Pete is always available to answer any questions about my diet. Most importantly, he’s available to help navigate new menus that don’t necessarily fit with the prescribed diet. I look forward to the progress ahead."
  • Han Y.
    "Very hands-on training. He had all my muscles firing. I was sore for days after. Felt noticeably stronger just after a couple sessions"
  • Sasha A.
    "Pete is super flexible and wants all of my workouts and meals to actually be enjoyable while working to make me a healthier and overall better person. I love working with him. He's punctual, smart and always around if I have a question. Truly a phenomenal program and guy!"  
  • Anthony T.
    "Pete has made a massive difference in my life. I told him my goals when I started out and he took great care into crafting a diet + workout plan that fit my lifestyle. Instead of having to adjust a ton on my end to fit his plans, he adjusted his plans to fit my lifestyle. Highly recommend to anyone trying to achieve health goals and feel amazing."
  • Bryce A.
    “Pete was holding a seminar in our apartment building one day back in September 2017. A week later I started a 6 month program with him on dieting and exercise. By March of 2018 it looked to be night and day comparing my first pictures to my last pictures on how much progress I made even with injuring my ankle in November 2017 I had to stop cardio temporarily. Results I have gotten are losing 25 pounds, gaining definition and muscle, and making a good friend. I highly recommend Pete with the knowledge and background he has for anyone and my advice is to be committed and patient on your goals you try to achieve!”.
  • Nelda A.
    "How to lose 22 lbs in 4 months!? I’m a female of a certain age that decided I needed to shed a few lbs. ( a little weight gain over the years we’re starting to add up.) I ask him specifically NOT to send me to the gym! To his credit and my amazement he helped me through my daily routine with his phone calls of encouragement and much needed and advised nutritional counseling. My advise to anyone starting down this path is don’t think you can do any of this without a strong commitment to yourself and your goals!"
  • Dr. Wayne F., M.D.
    "Having known Peter since his medical school training I've seen his ability to synthesize his knowledge of allopathic medicine with his love of holistic and nutritional medicine into a life-changing career. He not only enjoys the challenges of initiating and maintaining a healthful lifestyle but loves sharing his knowledge and results with others equally as much.  Having someone who so obviously loves what he is doing helping one achieve those goals greatly serves to reduce the drudgery of achieving them and therefore failing to do so. His cordial persistence at maintaining those goals once they have been met shows how he will not only help one scale that mountain that so often impedes our success but will work with the student to stay on top of that same mountain. Peter exhibits not only mastery of his subject but mastery of his attitude, definitely the tougher of the two."
Corporate Testimonials
  • Ali C. Kurtmer, CPA
    "I am the proprietor of Ali C. Kurtmer, CPA, PLLC, a full-service accounting firm with a staff of eight and offices in Long Island and Manhattan. My office retained Dr. Lantin and his company, The EnergyMD., in January 2019 to provide my staff with nutritional consultation. My staff and I agree: it was one of the best decisions of the New Year. Dr. Lantin took the time to learn about each of my staff members, their existing dietary habits, and what they wanted to achieve. Each of his nutritional plans is unique to the individual and is continuously tuned based on weekly meetings and progress. Aside from the weekly meetings, Dr. Lantin is always available to talk about the nutritional plan. For example, when traveling it is often difficult to adhere to a nutritional plan. That's not a problem with Dr. Lantin. Even in a pinch, he will quickly assess local dining options and menus, helping you stay within the guidelines of the nutritional plan. I recommend Dr. Lantin and The EnergyMD. to any office or firm that wants to offer its staff a gifted and committed nutritional consultant who will lead them to real results."